Fear of Speed, Cemeteries, Technology, Telephones and More- List

Phobia- Words Starting From T

This list contains the words for phobia starting from T. In previous lessons, there are lists of phobia starting from  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV 

List of Phobia

In this list, you will get the words for phobia of speed, tapeworms, cemeteries, being contagious, bulls, technology, religious ceremony, telephones, bearing a deformed child, taking tests, lockjaw, tetanus, German or German things, certain fabrics, sitting and sea or ocean. 

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  • Tacophobia– excessive fear of speed

         Tacophobic– person suffering from Tacophobia

  • Taeniophobia or Teniophobia– excessive fear of tape worms

         Taeniophobic or Teniophobic– person suffering from Taeniophobia

  • Taphephobia– excessive fear of being buried alive or cemeteries

         Taphephobic person suffering from Taphephobia

  • Tapinophobia– excessive fear of being contagious.

         Tapinophobic– person suffering from Tapinophobia

  • Taurophobia– excessive fear of bulls.

         Taurophobic– person suffering from Taurophobia

  • Technophobia– excessive fear of technology

         Technophobic-person suffering from Technophobia

  • Teleophobia excessive fear of definite plans

                     – excessive fear of religious ceremony.

         Teleophobic– person suffering from Teleophobia

  • Telephonophobia– excessive fear of telephones.

         Telephonophobic– person suffering from Telephonophobia

  • Teratophobia– excessive fear of abnormal person or animal

                      – excessive fear of bearing a deformed child

         Teratophobic– person suffering from Teratophobia

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  • Testophobia– excessive fear of taking tests

    Testophobic– person suffering from Testophobia

  • Tetanophobia– excessive fear of lockjaw, tetanus.

         Tetanophobic– person suffering from Tetanophobia

  • Teutophobia– excessive fear of German or German things

     Teutophobic– person suffering from Teutophobia

  • Textophobia– excessive fear of certain fabrics.

         Textophobic– person suffering from Textophobia

  • Thaasophobia– excessive fear of sitting

     Thaasophobic– person suffering from Thaasophobia

  • Thalassophobia– excessive fear of sea or ocean

         Thalassophobic person suffering from Thalassophobia

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