Xenophobia, Xanthophobia and Phobia- List

Phobia- Words Starting From X

Phobia- words starting from x
Words for Phobia Starting From x

This Phobia list contains words for phobia starting from X. In previous lists of phobia you will get the words for fear starting from- ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPST, V 

List of Phobia

In this list, you will get the words for the phobia of yellow colour or even for the word yellow, foreign hotels, foreign languages, foreigners, foreign pickpockets, dryness or dry places, wooden objects, forests, and razors.

Here is a list of the words for phobia starting from the letter x.

Have a look-

  • Xanthophobia– excessive fear of the colour yellow or the word yellow.

                 Xanthophobic– person suffering from Xanthophobia

  • Xenodochiophobia – excessive fear of foreign hotels

                Xenodochiophobic– person suffering from Xenodochiophobia

  • Xenoglossophobia– excessive fear of foreign languages.

               Xenoglossophobic– person suffering from Xenoglossophobia

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                           Xenophobia– excessive fear of strangers or foreigners.

              Xenophobic– person suffering from Xenophobia                 

  • Xenonosocomiophobia – excessive fear of foreign pickpockets.

              Xenonosocomiophobic– person suffering from Xenonosocomiophobia

  • Xerophobia– excessive fear of dryness or dry places

              Xerophobic– person suffering from Xerophobia

  • Xinoaxphobia excessive fear of the letter X.

                               This is a phobia of seeing anything that starts with the letter X.

              Xinoaxphobicperson suffering from Xinoaxphobia

  • Xylophobia– excessive fear of wooden objects

                           – excessive fear of forests.

              Xylophobic– person suffering from Xylophobia

  • Xyrophobia-excessive fear of razors

              Xyrophobic– person suffering from Xyrophobia            

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                              ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPST, V