Uses of Present Tense

Present Tense Tells About

Present tense describes mainly action of current event or state of being in existing time at the time of speaker’s speaking. Sentence in existing time is used to tell about the present actions.

Sometimes this tense is used to tell something about past as well as future.

In English, we use these tenses to tell about the –

  •  present
  •  past
  •  future

Uses of Present Tense

We have seen that, we can use this tense to tell about present, past and future.

Now we shall see how present tenses are used for this. Here is the use of this tense in English.

Present state of being

In English, this tense is used to tell about the state.


  • He is sad.
  • Martin is very happy for his achievements.
  • She works there for two years.
  • You are thinking about something.
  • She tells a story to her kids.

  About past

  • We use sentences of this tense to tell about the past when we summarize a book or tell a story.

About future

In English, we use sentences of this tense to tell about the future.


  • He will call me when he reaches college.
  • The next plane for Delhi flies this afternoon at 2 o’clock.
  • There is a meeting in auditorium to discuss further points this evening.
  • I shall check my email box when I get home.
  • She will be tired after she has been teaching all day.
  • I shall see you as soon as I have reached there.

Types of Present Tense

There are four types of this tense –

  1. Simple Present   –                  I draw a sketch of cat.
  2. Present Continuous   –            I am drawing a sketch of cat.
  3. Perfect Present         –              I have drawn a sketch of cat.
  4. Perfect Continuous Present  – I have been drawing a sketch of cat.

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