Phobia of Devil, Burglars, School, Long Words and More

Excessive Fear of

This list has the words for phobia starting from letter S. 

We have seen the words for phobia starting from  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO,

List of Phobia and Phobic

Some persons have fear of Halloween, devil, scabies, some have fear of fecal matter, burglars, shadows, worms, school, watching, blindness in visual field, dark, writing in public, shark, light flashes, moon, decaying matter, long words or opposite sex.

Let’s see which words are for the fear of particular situation.

  • Samhainophobia– excessive fear of Halloween.

                Samhainophobic– person suffering from Samhainophobia

  • Satanophobia– excessive fear of devil

                Satanophobic person suffering from Satanophobia

  • Scabiophobia– excessive fear of scabies.

                Scabiophobic– person suffering from Scabiophobia

  • Scatophobia– excessive fear of fecal matter.

                Scatophobic– person suffering from Scatophobia

  • Scelerophobia– excessive fear of burglars

                Scelerophobic– person suffering from Scelerophobia

  • Sciaphobia or Sciophobia- excessive fear of shadows

                Sciaphobic -person suffering from Sciaphobia

  • Scoleciphobia– excessive fear of worms.

                Scoleciphobic– person suffering from Scoleciphobia

  • Scolionophobia– excessive fear of school.

                Scolionophobic– person suffering from Scolionophobia

  • Scoptophobia or Scopophobia– excessive fear of watching

               Scoptophobic -person suffering from Scoptophobia

More Words for Phobia

  • Scotomaphobia– excessive fear of blindness in visual field

                Scotomaphobic– person suffering from Scotomaphobia

                      You may also like to know the words for phobia starting from-

                             ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNOP

  • Scotophobia – excessive fear of dark (Achluophobia)

              Scotophobic– person suffering from Scotophobia

  • Scriptophobia– excessive fear of writing in public.

                Scriptophobic– person suffering from Scriptophobia

  • Selachophobia– excessive fear of sharks.

                Selachophobic– person suffering from Selachophobia

  • Selaphobia– excessive fear of light flashes.

                Selaphobic– person suffering from Selaphobia

  • Selenophobia– excessive fear of the Moon.

                Selenophobic– person suffering from Selenophobia

  • Seplophobia– excessive fear of decaying matter.

              Seplophobic– person suffering from Seplophobia

  • Sesquipedalophobia– excessive fear of long words.

                Sesquipedalophobic– person suffering from Sesquipedalophobia

  • Sexophobia– excessive fear of the opposite sex. (Heterophobia)

                Sexophobic– person suffering from Sexophobia

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