Homes of birds

The homes of birds are protective places for them. Homes protect them from cold, heat, rain, and enemies attack. The basic need of a living object is shelter, and we name it home. But there are different names for the homes of different birds. In this part, we will see names for the homes of birds.

Some birds live in natural homes, some create their own, and some live in homes created by other birds. Birds build nests to live.

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Types of nests

Different birds live in different nests.

Here are the types of the nest-

  • Burrow
  • Cavity nest
  • Cupped nest
  • Ground nest
  • Mound
  • Pendant
  • Platform
  • Scrape nest
  • Sphere                      

♦ Burrow- Some birds choose burrows excavated by other animals. 

♦ Cavity nest- We see that there are cavities in some trees. Birds use those cavities as their home. But some birds create their own ‘cavity.

♦ Cupped nest- Birds build a nest in traditional style. Its shape is like a bowl. The size of this nest depends upon the size of the bird.

♦ Ground nest – Some birds make a ‘leap on the ground instead of making a traditional nest. They lay their eggs in it.

♦ Mound- Some of the birds bury their eggs. Such a type of home is called a mound.

♦ Pendant- Some birds collect plant fiber and grass and create this nest. It looks like a sack. We see these nests hung on the branches of trees.

♦ Platform- Some birds build nests bigger in size. These nests are permanent, and they use these nests for many years.

♦ Scrape -This nest is very simple to build. This is a shallow depression in the soil.

♦ Sphere- Some birds collect plant fiber and grass and create this nest. This nest is also like a pendant.    But this nest’s structure is circular, with only one small round hole.

You will get the list of homes of persons as well as the list of animals in the related topics.

Names for Homes of Birds

Here is a list of names for homes of birds. That is the name of the bird shelters.

Have a look-

Homes of Birds: Protective Places.
List -
1.Australian bush turkeymound
2.Bird aviary,cage, nest
3. Bee hive
4.Cock pen
5.Crane nest
6.Crest cupped
7.Crow nest
8.Dove cote, columbarium
9.Duck pond, scrape nest, water
10.Eagle eyrie, platform
11.Egret platform
12.Egyptian plover scrape
13.Falcon scrape
14.Flamingo mound
15goose water
.16.Heliothryx barroti cupped nest
17.Hen coop
18.Horned coot mound
19.Hummingbird cupped nest
20.Kinglet cupped nest
21.Nightingale nest
22.Oriole pendant
23.Osprey platform
24.Ostrich veldt, scrape
25.Owl barn, tree
26.Parrot cage, cavity nest (natural)
27.Penguin scrape nest
28.Pigeon cote, loft
29.Puff bird burrow
30.Raven ravenry
31.Robins cupped nest
32.Sand martin burrow
33.Shorebird scrape nest
34.Sunbird pendant
35.Swan swannery
36.Thick billed weaver sphere nest
37Tit cavity nest (natural)
.38.Trogon cavity nest (created by them)
39.Vulture scrape nest
40.Wasp nest
41.Weavers pendant
42.Woodpecker cavity nest (created by them)

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