Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Abstract Noun

Abstract noun is the noun which cannot be heard, smelt, touched or seen that is they cannot be experienced by our five sensory organs.

Here are some examples in which we have used abstract nouns in the sentences.

Examples of Abstract Noun

Abstract noun is in bold letter.

  • In childhood I used to climb on the tree.
  • She cracked a joke and laughter broke out.
  • Metal gets hardness after a chemical reaction.

In above sentences the words, ‘childhood’, ‘laughter’, and ‘hardness’ show the state, action and quality.

Such nouns which show state, action, quality are called as abstract Nouns.

The names of Sciences and Arts are also abstract Nouns.

Ex- Physics, Biology.


 Concrete Nouns-

Concrete Noun represents something that can be heard, smelt, tasted, seen or touched.

Abstract nouns are opposite to Concrete nouns  .


Examples of Concrete Nouns

Here are some examples of concrete nouns.

Concrete nouns are in bold letters.

  • Book is on the table.
  • Keep that bag
  • There is a big tree in front of his house.
  • Lion is  a forest animal.
  • Cloud has white colour.
  • Table is made of wood.

In above sentences the words, book, table, bag, tree, house, lion, forest, animal, cloud are concrete nouns.



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