Phobia- Words Starting from A

 Excessive Fear of

In previous chapter we have seen what phobia is! There are so many phobias and words for the particular phobia. In the website, you will get alphabetically arranged list of phobia starting from- ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV 

Get the words for fear of itching, dark, sounds, heights, aeroplanes or flying, open spaces, crossing busy streets, knives, cats, pain, dust, riding in a car, walking, males, wind, England or English, humans, society and staying single.

 Phobia and Phobic

Here is a list of words for particular phobia and the person suffering from it. This word list starts from letter ‘A’. 

Have a look-

  • Acarophobia– excessive fear of itching or insects causing itching.
  •                     Acarophobic- person suffering from Acarophobia
  • Achluophobia– excessive fear of dark.
  •                     Achluophobic– person suffering from Achluophobia
  • Acousticophobia– excessive fear of sounds
  •                    Acousticophobic– person suffering from Acousticophobia
  • Acrophobia– excessivel fear of heights
  •                    Acrophobic– person suffering from Acrophobia
  • Aerophobia– excessive fear of aeroplanes or flying
  •                  Aerophobic– person suffering from Aerophobia
  • Agoraphobia– excessive fear of open spaces.
  •                  Agoraphobic– person suffering from Agoraphobia
  • Agyiophobia– excessive fear of crossing busy streets
  •                  Agyiophobic- person suffering from Agyiophobia

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                                  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV                                

  • Aichmophobia– excessive fear of knives
  •                  Aichmophobic- person suffering from Aichmophobia 
  • Ailurophobia– excessive fear of cats
  •                Ailurophobic– person suffering from Ailurophobia
  • Algophobia– excessive fear of pain
  •                Algophobic– person suffering from Algophobia
  • Amathophobia– excessive fear of dust
  •                Amathophobic– person suffering from Amathophobia
  • Amaxophobia– excessive fear of riding in a car
  •                Amaxophobic- person suffering from Amaxophobia
  • Ambulophobia– excessive fear of walking
  •                Ambulophobic– person suffering from Ambulophobia
  • Androphobia– excessive fear of males
  •                Androphobic– person suffering from Androphobia
  • Anemophobia– excessive fear of wind
  •                Anemophobic– person suffering from Anemophobia
  • Anglophobia– excessive fear of England or English
  •                Anglophobic– person suffering from Anglophobia
  • Anthrophobia– excessive fear of humans
  •                Anthrophobic– person suffering from Anthrophobia
  • Anthropophobiaexcessive fear of people or society.
  •                Anthropophobic– person suffering from Anthropophobia
  • Anuptaphobia– excessive fear of staying single
  •                Anuptaphobic– person suffering from Anuptaphobia


                   Get the words for phobia starting from-

                                      ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV