Animal home

Homes of animals meet the need to protect them from cold, heat, rain, and the attack of enemies. The basic need for living objects is shelter, and we name it home.

There are different names for the homes of various animals and birds. In this part, we will see the names of the homes of animals.

Homes of Animals

Names for Animals and their Homes

Here is a list of animals and their homes. That is the name of the animal shelter. You will get the list of homes of birds as well as persons in the related topics. In this topic, we will see the names of animal shelters. Do you know?

  1. The horse’s home name is ‘stable.’
  2. The rabbit’s home name is ‘burrow.’
  3. The sheep home name is ‘fold.’
  4. The lion’s home name is the ‘den.’
  5. The spider’s home name is ‘web.’
  6. The duck’s home name is ‘water.’
  7. The monkey’s home name is ‘tree.’

The home of the –

  • pig is called a sty.
  • dog is called a kennel.
  • cat is called a cattery.

Where do animals live?

  • A cow lives in a shed. That is, a cow home is called a shed.
  • Cows and sheep live in pens. (Pen is the enclosed area surrounding a shed.)
  • The shelter’s name of hen is coop. Chicken lives in the coop.

Here is a list of animals and the names of places where they live. Have a look-

Animal Home
1. Alligator nest
2. Ant hill
3. Aardvark burrow, den
4. Ape logging, nest
5. Armadillo burrow
6. Badger hole, sett
7. Bear den, cave, large forest
8. Bee beehive
9. Beetle land (tunnel)
10. Buffalo barn, byre, pasture, stable
11. Camel desert
12. Cat cattery, lair, den
13. Cattle barn, byre, pasture, stable
14. Cheetah safari, savanna
15. Bull cattle shed
16. Cat cage
17. Chicken Coop
18. Chimpanzee  tree
19. Cockroach homes, sewers, privies
20. Cow  shed, pen
21. Crocodile  nest
22. Deer  grasslands
23. Dog kennel
24. Dolphin dolphinarium
25. Donkey stable, barn, shed
26. Elephant jungle, dip-wad, nest
27. Ferret cage
28. Fish water aquarium, vivary, pond
29. Fly cracks, crevasse
30. Fox burrow, hole, lair
31. Frog froggery, ranarium
32. Gerbil gerbilarium
33. Giraffe safari
34. Goat locker, pen
35. Gorilla nest
36. Grasshopper grassland
37. Grouse nest
38. Guinea Pig hutch, cage
39. Hamster cage
40. Hare farm
41. Hippopotamus river banks
42. Hornet hive
43. Horse stable
44. Hyena den
45. Kangaroo hollow tree
46. Koala tree
47. Leopard safari, savanna
48. Lion den
49. Llama Hut
50. Mole burrow, fortress, tunnel
51. Man house
52. Monkey tree
53. Moose moosey land
54. Mouse hole
55. Otter hole, couch, holt, lodge
56. Panda bamboo tree
57. Penguin penguinery
58. Pig cote, pen, sty
59. Polar bear hole, burrow
60. Porcupine burrow, hollow trunk
61. Porpoise sea, aquarium
62. Possum tree, forest
63. Rabbit burrow
64. Raccoon den, burrow
65. Rat nest, hole
66. Rhinoceros savannah, wallow
67. Rook rookery
68. Sealion nest
69. Shark sea
70. Sheep fold, pen
71. Snail shell
72. Snake burrow, ophidarium, snakery
73. Spider web
74. Squirrel dray
75. Termite termitarium, mound
76. Tiger lair
77. Turtle sea
78. Viper hole, burrow
79. Wallaby hollow tree
80. Whale whalery
81. Wolf lair, den
82. Wombat burrow
83. Yak hill, mountain, barn
84. Zebra jungle, safari, veldts

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