Claustrophobia, Cynophobia, Cleithrophobia, Cyberphobia and More

Phobia- List of Words Starting From- C

Every person has some fear but we know that abnormal fear is a phobiaThere are so many phobias and you can get the lists of different phobia in the glossary section. Here are the lists for the words starting from  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , ST .There is particular word for particular fear. In this list, you will get alphabetical arrangement of the words for phobia starting from C.

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In this continued list, you will get the words for fear and words for persons suffering from the fear.

Here are the words for phobia of time, food, confined spaces, stairs, going to bed, faeces, heights, computers, dogs and cold.

Let’s see the words starting from c.

  • Chronophobia– excessive fear of time

       Chronophobic– person suffering from Chronophobia

  • Cibophobia– excessive fear of food

       Cibophobic– person suffering from Cibophobia

             Fear of food and fear of eating in front of others are totally different.

                  Later is a social anxiety disorder.

  • Claustrophobia– excessive fear of confined spaces which are not having escape.

       Claustrophobic– person suffering from Claustrophobia

              Claustrophobia may be due to rooms having no windows. This is an anxiety disorder. Very less 

                        people get medication for this anxiety.

                 You may also like to know the words for fear starting from-

                     ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , ST

More Words for Phobia

  • Climacophobia– excessive fear of stairs

       Climacophobic– person suffering from Climacophobia

  • Clinophobia– excessive  fear of going to bed.

       Clinophobic– person suffering from Clinophobia

  • Clithrophobia– excessive fear of confined spaces

       Clithrophobic– person suffering from Clithrophobia

  • Coprophobia– excessive fear of faeces

       Coprophobic– person suffering from Coprophobia

  • Cremnophobia– excessive fear of heights

       Cremnophobic– person suffering from Cremnophobia

  • Cyberphobia– excessive fear of computers

       Cyberphobic– person suffering from Cyberphobia

  • Cynophobia– excessive fear of dogs

       Cynophobic– person suffering from Cynophobia

  • Cyrophobia– excessive fear of cold

       Cyrophobic– person suffering from Cyrophobia

                Get the list of words for phobia starting from-

                  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , ST