Phobia – Excessive Fear of

Words for Phobia Starting From D  

Here is a list of words for phobia starting from d. Get the words for phobia starting from ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPS

What are the words for fear of making decisions, painful bowel movements, dining conversations, demons, people, tree, dentist, skin, whirlpool, going to school, justice, alcohol, and more?

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  • Decaphobia excessive fear of the number 10.

                              As X is the Roman numeral for the number 10, it is linked to the letter X.

                  Decaphobic person suffering from Decaphobia

  • Decidophobia– excessive fear of making decisions.

                 Decidophobic– person suffering from Decidophobia

  • Defecaloesiophobia– excessive fear of painful bowel movements.

                 Defecaloesiophobic– person suffering from Defecaloesiophobia  

  • Deipnophobia– excessive fear of dining or dinner conversations.

                 Deipnophobic– person suffering from Deipnophobia

  • Dementophobia– excessive fear of insanity.

                 Dementophobic– person suffering from Dementophobia   

  • Demonophobia– excessive fear of demons.

                 Demonophobic– person suffering from Demonophobia

  • Demophobia– excessive fear of people (Agoraphobia)

                 Demophobic person suffering from Demophobia

  • Dendrophobia– excessive fear of trees.

                 Dendrophobic– person suffering from Dendrophobia

  • Dentophobia– excessive fear of dentists.

                 Dentophobic– person suffering from Dentophobia

  • Dermatophobia– excessive fear of skin

                 Dermatophobic- person suffering from Dermatophobia

  • Dextrophobia– excessive fear of objects at the right side of the body.

                 Dextrophobic– person suffering from Dextrophobia

  • Diabetophobia– excessive fear of diabetes.

                 Diabetophobic– person suffering from Diabetophobia

  • Didaskaleinophobia– excessive fear of going to school.

                 Didaskaleinophobic– person suffering from Didaskaleinophobia

  • Dikephobia– excessive fear of justice.

                 Dikephobic– person suffering from Dikephobia

  • Dinophobia– excessive fear of dizziness or whirlpools.

                 Dinophobic– person suffering from Dinophobia

More Words For Phobia


  • Diplophobia– excessive fear of double vision.

                 Diplophobic– person suffering from Diplophobia

  • Dipsophobia– excessive fear of drinking alcohol

              Dipsophobic– person suffering from Dipsophobia

  • Dishabiliophobia– excessive fear of undressing in front of someone.

                 Dishabiliophobic– person suffering from Dishabiliophobia

  • Disposophobia– excessive fear of throwing stuff out.

                 Disposophobic– person suffering from Disposophobia

  • Domatophobia– excessive fear of houses or being in a house(Eicophobia, Oikophobia)

                 Domatophobic– person suffering from Domatophobia

  • Doraphobia– excessive fear of fur

               Doraphobic– person suffering from Doraphobia

  • Doxophobia– excessive fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise.

                Doxophobic– person suffering from Doxophobia

  • Dromophobia– excessive fear of streets or crossing streets

                 Dromophobic– person suffering from Dromophobia

  • Dutchphobia– excessive fear of the Dutch.

                Dutchphobic-person suffering from Dutchphobia

  • Dysmorphophobia– excessive fear of physical deformities

                 Dysmorphophobic– person suffering from Dysmorphophobia

  • Dystychiphobia– excessive fear of accidents.

                Dystychiphobic– person suffering from Dystychiphobia

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