Venustraphobia, Vaccinophobia, Verbophobia and More- The List

Phobia- List of Words 

This list of has the words for phobia and phobic starting from V. Previous lessons have the lists of phobia starting from  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , ST


In this list, you will get the words for phobia of vaccination, beautiful women, words, germs, clothing and step-father.

Words for Phobia Starting From V

  • Vaccinophobia– excessive fear of vaccination.

          Vaccinophobic-person suffering from Vaccinophobia

  • Venustraphobia– excessive fear of beautiful women.

        Venustraphobic-person suffering from Venustraphobia

  • Verbophobia– excessive fear of words.

        Verbophobic-person suffering from Verbophobia

  • Verminophobia– excessive fear of germs.

        Verminophobic-person suffering from Verminophobia

  • Vermiphobia – excessive fear of being infected with worms.

  Vermiphobic-person suffering from Vermiphobia       

  • Vestiphobia– excessive fear of clothing.

        Vestiphobic-person suffering from Vestiphobia

  • Vitricophobia– excessive fear of step-father.

        Vitricophobic-person suffering from Vitricophobia

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