A Categorized Vocabulary

Glossary is a categorized vocabulary. It’s a mini dictionary in which an alphabetical list of terms is included. You will get the lessons included in You know that through this website, you can learn English Grammar as well. In this website, this section is of Glossary.

You will get the following categorized vocabulary in the

Glossary List

You can click the following links of particular lessons to get more information.

The special subjects are included in this website are-

  • Chief person in    Here you will get the chief persons of the particular department and what are the words for the chiefs.
  • Cries of Animals  We all know that animals also cry but what are the names for cry of each animal? Here is a list.
  • Cries of Birds  Birds also cry. Get the words for cries of birds.
  • Domestic Animals There are some domestic animals. Name them.
  • Homes of Animals Every animal wants a shelter. What are those?
  • Homes of Birds What are the homes of birds? Name them.
  • Homes of Persons We know that persons have home but person’s homes are of different types. Which are those? Find out here.
  • Words for Manias – The List   What is mania? Get here with the types.
  • Words for Phobias- The List  Do you know what is phobia? Get here with the list.
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